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Alcohol Inks on Regular Cardsstock.

Hello friends,

Today I have a technique post instead of a regular card making post. This post showcases how to use your alcohol inks and pearl alcohol inks on regular cardstock. Alcohol inks are made to move and blend on non porous surfaces such as yupo paper etc. The reason for that is that the alcohol in the inks quickly absorb and evaporate on porous surfaces, making it hard for the inks to move on them freely. I figured using a non porous surface such as glass or an acrylic block to use as a transfer medium could do the trick.

Before you start, some very important tools you should have are alcohol inks, blending solution, gloves to protect your hands for inks, felt applicators, alcohol wipes (you could also use 90% Isopropyl alcohol ) any 80 to 110lbs white card stock and an acrylic block or glass surface such as a glass media mat from Tim Holtz.


  • Start by pouring the blending solution on to the acrylic block and adding your choice of alcohol inks over it. Just like you would on a yup paper.

  • Move the colors by blowing through a straw or just through your mouth.

  • Place the card stock over the blended alcohol ink on the acrylic block.

  • While adding the alcohol inks you can also add various mixatives in gold or pearl or any -other shade to add some shine.

  • Create multiple variation in different color combnations, using regular alcohol inks and alcohol pearl inks.

  • Clean the acrylic block surface using an alcohol wipe between color changes.

  • Create backgrounds using these colored panels for your cards.


  1. Blending solution does two things, one it helps the colors ton move and blend easily and two it keeps the alcohol inks from evaporating too quickly.

  2. You could use an acetate as well as your transfer material. But keep in mind you may have to change the acetate very often as it may breakdown because of over use.

  3. This technique does not use a lot of the inks, may be just as much you would use on a yup or any other non porous surfaces.

I have a video below showcasing this technique and a few cards that I created using the panels I made.

I hope you will give this technique a go. Leave me a comment and your thoughts and let me know if you would be interested in more such post and videos. I will see you next time in my little corner until then keep sharing handmade kindness and love.

Love and Kindness is never Wasted.

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