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Easy Christmas Cards Using Color Burst | Rubbernecker Stamps and Dies

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Hi friends, I know we just started fall a few days ago and I have a Christmas card for you. Every year I plan to make Christmas cards early on so that I don't scramble in the last minute, but the never seems to happen. Somehow it feels like that is gaping to happen this year as well. i have been a little off lately from blogging and acrd making since we recently moved into our house after living in a temporary house for the past two months, since our move from NY to MN. It seems like I have been moving since July!! Finally it feels like things are falling in place and life's kinda getting "NORMAL" (Does that word really mean anything in these times?) i still need to set up my craft space, but with what ever I have right now in place, I am starting to craft with.

Said that quick and easy cards was the way to go.

I made two cards today using the same techniques and products. Recently I bought this Ken Oliver Color Burst inks from Rubbernecker, These are heavy pigmented watercolor powder that are sold in bottles of 6 different colors in a pack. These powders react when water touches it and they burst into vibrant colors.

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards

The reason i call them quick and easy is because there is not much to do the colors and water do everything by themselves. I do have toward you thought his project is not for the faint of heartier for those of you who like order and control. Trust me I struggled with it initially because I love control and order and having neither of them was very challenging.

Color burst Christmas Cards

Stick with it and let go of all your inhibition's and I promise you, the end result is beautiful. You will go through chaos and finally it will come to order. I had to let go and relax and enjoy the process of watching the colors disperse in water and as they danced and moved creating beauty. Every time you make a card it is going to look so different and unique, I am hoping you will love it as much as I did!!!

I have a video on my Youtube channel showing how I made these cards using the Ken Oliver Colorburst inks from Rubbernecker. Click on the image below to watch the video.

I am so glad you stopped by, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of this color burst project. Also I would love to know what kind of crafter you are? Are you a control freak or do you let your creativity flow naturally!!! I will see you next time.

I am listing all the products I have used to make this card project below. Some of the products listed below are an affiliate link which means I get paid a small percentage of the sale but with no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for you support.