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Hello Friend,

I am so happy you stopped at my blog today. I have been playing with the Ellen Hutson Mondo Gerbera Daisy a lot, and today I decided to use the stamp again to make an abstract flower. If you are interested to see my other post with this Mondo Daisy you can click Here and Here 

I love abstract and the impressionist art , Cluade Monet is definitely by far one of my favorite artist from all time. Many of my art pieces that I create using acrylics or oil are infact inspirations from his paintings. Abstract and Impressionism has taught me that art doesn’t have to be stressful. I have learnt that when you you feel whatever you are thinking to create deep in your hearts mind, you give freedom to your hands to bring that thought to life, no matter how it starts to look. Remember, to listen to your heart . You are laying an impression of your hearts desire on the canvas with colors and textures no matter how abstract the end result. My advice have fun, and the best part is, that there is really no rules.


started with a bristol smooth paper asI knew I will be adding very little water to the paint. and thus I did not need to use watercolor paper. By the way, I used Arteza gouache and a white acrylic paint. I stamped the flower using versamark ink and heat embossed the flower multiple times. I will explain as we go as to why it is important to emboss multiple times. After embossing the image, I spritz the paper very lightly with water, using my Tim Holtz distress sprayer.


While the paper was damp, I started layering white acrylic paint on the flower. I did not follow exactly with the lines of the flower, instead kept the general shape of the flower and petals. the white embossing act as guide when you paint. After the first coat of paint I dried it with my heat gun. Here is where the embossing multiple time plays an important role. the acrylic paint starts to fade the lines of the flower away as you pant over it, making it hard for the lines to be visible. Because I had embossed the flower multiple times, when I heated with my heat gun over it the embossed lines came to the surface. At this point I decided to paint my background using ,black, gray and white gouache paints.


Between every coat of paint I made sure to heat set it somewhat, do not let it dry completely. Now it was time to do the center of the flower. i pulled out some green shades of gouache and laid it in the center of the flower. I pulled some of that green color on to the petal as well and also added a layer of white paint again on the petals. While they were still set I spritzed it with water and let the colors run and vein out into the black background. this process was repeated the process a few times until I was satisfied.

I fished the card by adding the sentiment Hi which was die cut 4 times and adhered together. Added some dew drops for some extra bling and called it done. I hope you will give this style a try. Leave me comment oar questions below and I will be more than happy to answer!!

Let your heart sing the colors of your canvas!!


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