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Patterns Using Ink Cubes | Rubbernecker Color Fuse Ink Cubes

Hello friends,

Preeti here on the Rubbernecker blog after a long time. I have been isolation for almost four weeks now because of the virus and finally on Monday my test for the virus came out negative. This virus has completely wiped out my energy but has not weakened my spirit to create and love life. I have missed my art room for a long time and I am slowly getting back to it. I still need to be careful as I have asthma and my body has a compromised immune system which makes i easy for the virus to return if exposed. So I am staying locked up in my bedroom with access to my art room.

I made four cards today as I wanted to showcase how to use Color Fuse Ink cubes to create backgrounds for your cards. I love the size of these ink cubes as they make it very easy not only to ink up your stamps but also to take advantage of it shape and size to create various patterns and design for you cards. I have created four but there are endless design possiblities you can create using these ink pads.

Creating a background scene using ink cubes:

For my first card I wanted to create a party for the monsters to be celebrating their friends birthday. I am imagining they are standing on a stage with colorful lights flooding from the top

as they sing happy birthday to their friend. This reminds me of scene from Despicable Me 3 where the Minions are pushed into a talent show staged and are forced to perform.

Stamp the Monsters from the Monster Gouro stamping set using black alcohol marker compatible ink on to a white 41/4x5/12 inches cards stock.

Choose the lightest of the ink cubes from your choice of rainbow colors. Drag the ink cubes from the top edge of the card making sure to fade it as you come towards the bottom of the cards stock. It is ok if color gets on the masters as they will be covered later with colors.

Color the the monster using alcohol markers. Crate a ground for the masters to stand on and dark gray shades to create shadow underneath them.

Add dots in various sizes using a Douber and Fantastix Bullet Tip applicator over the bands of colors to create a bokeh effect. Add glitter dots for added shimmer and shine to the lit ups background.

Add the sentiment from the Frases En Espanol #1 above the monsters in a black ink and adhere the fished panel on to a top folding white note card.

Create an abstract pattern using ink cubes:

Choose any colors of your choice make sure they are colors next t each other on the color

wheel as this will make it easer to blend as they overlap with each other. i choose the two lighter colors from the Coral ink combo and one yellow Ink cube

Drag the ink cubes in different direction to create an abstract pattern on a white card stock cut at 4x51/4 inches. A good tip is to work fast, don't overthink the placement cause that will only hinder you from creating something abstract. It has to be spontaneous and quick.

Stamp the flowers and the leaves form the Blossoms In Spring set with an embossing ink on vellum and heat set it with gold embossing powder. Fussy cut the flowers using scissors without leavng a border around the image.

Adhere the flowers on to the abstract background panel and stamp the sentiment from the same sentiment stamp set as before with black ink

Mount the fished panel onto a pink side folding notecard with foam tape and add some clear sequins to finish this card.

Taking Advantage of the shape of the ink cube:

Choose any of the colored ink cube set you desire, I chose the aqua shade. On a white card stock cut at 41/4x51/2 inches ,stamp using the ink cubes starting from the outer edge with darkest color. Build the pattern of overlapping squares from the darkest to the lightest,. The stamped ink cube will not be a solid impression and that is totally ok it adds to the texure of the design.

Dry emboss the Nested Rectangle X Stitch die on a white card stock cut a 41/4x51/2 inches and die cut the center of the embossed rectangle using smaller Nested Rectangle Die. Adhere this cut out embossed frame on to the square pattern card stock using foam tap.

Stamp the Flowers and leaves from the Fragrant Blooms layering stamps set using pink and yellow colors. Fussy cut the stamped images and adhere them on the top and the boots corner of the frame.

Heat emboss the sentiment from the same Fragrant Blooms Stamp set on to the square pater panel using old embossing powder.

Adhere this finished floral frame on a white top fording note cards and add some clear sequins for a finishing touch.

Creating design element using the ink cube.

You can create various design elements using these cubes for example you can make waves by using blue shades of in to create a water scene. Or horizontal lines in an ombre shade or even in a multicolored one. you can crate plaid design as I said it is endless. For this last card I decide to create a worn and weathered wood background

On a light gray card stock which is cut at 41/4 x 5/1/2 drag the lightest of the gray shades using ave light hand. The imprint of the ink pad cloth or materiel will look some much like wood grain if you use a light hand while dragging the ink cube.

Use the side edge of the next darker shade of gray ink cubesto add lines, to indicate the wood panels or boards. These lines don't have to perfetly straight as that add to the weather look of the wood.

With the lighter shade of gray draw some wonky lines to create more defined wood grains texture.

Stamp the flowers and the leaves form Its Spring Time stamp set in hello and color shades and fussy cut them. Adhere them in a circle forming it to look like a bright and bold wreath on a wooden background.

Stamp the sentiment from the Spanish Sentiment Stamp set in the center of the wreath with black ink.

Mount this panel onto a top folding white note card and add a few clear sequins around he wreath for a finishing touch.

Click on Image below for a Video tutorial on using Color Fuse Ink Cubes to create backgrounds for cards.

I hope I have inspired you to look at your ink cubes more than just as an inking tool.

I am listing all the products I have used below. You can click on any image below to directly go to the corresponding stores for purchasing the product. The products listed below are a compensated affiliate link which means, if you make a purchase I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support.

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Natasha Vacca
Apr 26, 2020

So beautiful Preeti!!!!! I loved seeing this video tonight!!!! ❤️ Amazing ideas!

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