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Pay It Forward Giveaway Winner | Week 1

Hi Friends,

Happy beautiful Palm Sunday Morning. I am so excited to announce the WINNER of the SSS gift card. The Winner is Sharon Gullikson. Congratulation Sharon, I am super excited for you and your friend to receive the gift cards from SSS. I was very moved reading each and every comment about the person you admire and look up to. It is comforting to know and have a friend by your side especially during these times of crisis.

I free hand painted this palm leaf onto a black Stonehenge watercolor cardstock and colored it using Finetec Pearlescent Watercolor Paints. I painted a galaxy sky with lots of stars twinkling in it. I love gazing at he night sky on a clear night to see all the beautiful stars twinkling so brightly though they are light years away. Its my hope and prayer that during this time of social distancing we don't forget to shine our love and kindness brightly as well.

I have said this in the past, my faith has helped me over come many battles in my life. Due to childhood trauma which did not end until I was into my late 20s left me broken and worthless. But faith in my Lord has helped me get through it, I still suffer from Anxiety and PTS but I have learnt to manage them with prayer, support from an amazing husband , art therapy and positive and encouraging comments and messages that you guys leave me.

My husband and our children will be celebrating Palm Sunday tomorrow in our basement, which is a reminder of the victory that is ahead of us.Things may look grim and sad right now, but i am believing THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Stay strong, stay untied, stay safe and shine you love and kindness brightly.

Thank you so much once again for each and every thoughtful comments you have left me and I am on the road to recovery. Thank you for joining my blog giveaway. Stay tuned for my next weeks Pay it Forward Giveaway starting on Monday on my Instagram,

Love you all!!

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