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RubberNecker Stamps | Adding Details Using Color Pencils

Hi this is Preeti on the Rubbernecker blog today, showing you how to add depth to small detailed stamps. Very often we ignore or rather don't give importance to the the really tiny images in some stamps. Especially those of us who love copic colors. It can be difficult to add depth to tiny images using copics as they require multiple shades for the blends which means, the paper gets over saturated and the colors bleed out of the line. Thus we color it with may be one color or two, which is fine if that is the look you want to go for.But if you want to add more depth and dimensions there is an easier way and that is to use color pencils on top of copics.

You may ask then why can't we just do color pencils, well that's because color pencils take a long time to color, and not to mention multiple layers of coloring in different shades of pencils. The reason for that is if you colored with a heavy hand the very first layer then the color pencils leaves a waxy surface making it difficult to blend the next color. So the only way to work with them is by slowly building up the colors. But by adding the base color using your copics you save a lot of time and not to mention elbow grease. Again it does not mean that one is better than the other, they all have their own beauty, so if you want to just use color pencils that fine too. But I think for an image like this one from Rubbernecker called Stacked Teacups, where there so are many tiny images and details, I think the copic to color pencil approach adds a lot of punch to the image.

For the card, I stamped the image on a Neenah Solar White 80lbs card stock using a copic friendly ink and colored it with just two shades of copics in various colors. Keep in mind to choose really light shades, for example the pinks I chose were RV01 and RV000. After you have finished coloring he mages, its time to add some depth. Choose Prismacolors that are one shade darker than your copics to add only to the deepest of the shadow areas. In a smaller images it very hard to add deep shades as there s very little room to blend it. But adding the deepest shade using prismacolors is easy.

Few things to keep in mind;

Make sure the tips of your pencils are really sharp. This will help youto get into all those tiny tiny spaces.

Keep a Sharpener handy.

Have a blending pencil or a paper stump, as this helps out to smooth off the colored edges when you lay in the shadows.

Use a White pencils for adding in the highlights.

After all the coloring was done, I added some dots in various sizes using Sakura gel roll glitter pen. Stamp the sentiment on the top corner using a black ink. I made a frame using Rubbernecker X Stitch Rectangle and Nested Rectangle Die and adhere it using foam tape to the colored panel. Add this panel to a top folding white notecard and you done.

Click on the image below for a video tutorial on how I made card.

I hope this post has inspired you to add more depth and dimensions to your small detailed stamps. Until next time happy crafting and keep spreading handmade kindness.

I am listing all the products I have used below. You can click on any image to directly go to the store for purchasing the product. Some of the products listed below are a compensated affiliate links which means, if you make a purchase I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support.

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Natasha Vacca
Feb 22, 2020

Wow!!!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!!! I recently tried the blender pencil after watching your video! It was amazing! Gorgeous card!!!!!

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