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Shaped Gift Tags | Rubbernecker Stamps

Hello Friends, Preeti here on the Rubbernecker blog today showcasing shaped gift tags using stamps and die cuts. Threre are so many different shapes of nesting dies and stand alone dies avaibale at Rubbernecker and they will all work beautifully for this project. I have made wine and coffee tags for my project today, but you can make a flower tag, a circle tag and many more endless possibilities.

One question I get asked very often is what do you do with all your cards and projects you make and I always say, I make them with love to give them away with love. Which means that every project I make should and always have a meaning and purpose behind it. I have realized projects with no purpose end up going no where. I find inspirations and purpose for my projects very often through stories in my life, so here is one for today :).

I have said this in the past I have amazing memories of spending my summer and winter breaks at my Grandparents. I spent most of my time at my grandparents from my mothers side. My grandparents were not much into store bought wines or much drinking for the matter of fact, but my grandmother loved making home made wines. Very close to were my grandparents lived was a a concord grapes cultivation farm, and the owner of this farm was very close friends of my grandparents. Every year during harvest he would s bring a few baskets of these grapes as a gift to my family. My grandmother would put them in large polished clay jars with sugar and leave them in it for months and even years sometimes to ferment. In some of the pots she would also add some ginger or other spices to flavor these home made wines. Each of these wine jars would be labelled with the year and be set up high in the kitchen. As kids we were not allowed, but my grandmother would always make some juice out of the grapes she received to give us to drink . When I grew old enough to drink, my very first drink was my grandmothers home made wine. I still can never forget the sweetness of these wine and the amazing aroma that spread the room when the jars were opened. These jars were opened only on special occasions.

My family has always loved to host people for dinners and brunches and that has rubbed off on me as well. Summer is the time when i love to host friends and families over for brunches and dinner by the pool. Sujith loves to barbecue so this is his opportunity to flaunt his talents. Over the years I have learnt to make home made wines from my grandmother, and my friends and family have taken a liking towards them. So when I have these get togethers I love to share these wines with them as a thank you for their love and kindness. I bottle them in small bottles to give them as gifts. To decorate these bottles I decoded to add a gift tag which says thank you and so these tags came to existence.

Wine glass Tags:

  • Strat by stamping the wine glass stamp from Rubbernecker with a light gray ink on a copic friendly cardstock. .

  • Color them with your preference of wines or champaign shades.

  • Die cut the wine glass multiple times using a white cardstock. Die cut the colored wine glass as well using the coordinating wine glass die.

  • Add Glossy accent tot he wine option of the image and sprinkle glitter on it and keep it aside to dry.

  • Create a thin paper hinge see the image to the right.

  • For the hinge cut a strip of white cardstock to one inch wide and 1 1/2 inch long. Score in the center.

  • Adhere this hinge between colored and die cut wine glass and a white die cut wine glass. this hinge

  • The Image to the left shows how the hinge helps to create an openable tag.

  • Stamp the thanks to the center of the inside wine glass as shown in the figure to the left.

  • Adhere a ribbon to the back of the wine tag.

The image on the left shows the tag in action!!!!

I understand not everybody likes wine so I have also created a tag for all the coffee lovers out there as well.

Coffee Tag:

  • Start by stamping the Coffee bean background stamp using ColorFuse Mocha Ink

  • Color the coffee beans using copic colors

  • Die cut the color background using the nested banner die.

  • Die cut the banner two more times uisng white cardstock and adhere directly behind the colored banner. This will add thickness to the tag and make it durable.

  • Stamp and emboss the sentiment on black with white embossing powder. Cut the sentiment into a fish tail label.

  • Punch a hole on the top of the tag and thread a juste string thought he hole

  • Adhere the sentiment label with foam adhesive to the tag

  • Add a few brown gemstones and you are done.

I hope I have inspired you to use your shaped dies and coordinating dies differently throughout these projects. Please don't forget to add your beautiful projects to the Rubbernecker facebook fan page, we always love seeing them and being inspired by them. Thank you for hanging out with me today ann letting me share my story with you. Have a great weekend and I will see you next time.

I am listing all the products I have used below. You can click on any image below to directly go to the corresponding stores for purchasing the product. The products listed below are a compensated affiliate link which means, if you make a purchase I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support.

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Natasha Vacca
May 24, 2020

wow - these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

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