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Stretching Your Stamps | Snowmen With Presents

Hello friends, I have a fun card to share today. This card uses the new Winter release stamps from Rubbernecker. My idea for this card wa to create a slimline composition using a regular stamp set. This Particular set has called the "Snowmen With Present" has a few present stamps and multiple snowmen. I have added the image pf the stamp st below so you can understand better what I mean :). The last snowman at the bottom of the stamp set sure looks like he can hold something in his hands.

In order to make a slimline card proportionate the elements on the card need to be right. If I were to add a snowman at the bottom of the card on a tall card with a small gift in his hand that would look slightly odd with all the empty space above him. So I came up with the idea of stacking all the presents to create a tall stack of presents for the snowman to hold. I hope this is making sense.

I also chose another long sentiment from Rubbernecker called Merry Christmas which was a perfect addition to this card. I have a video showcasing how I created this card and my thought process while I was creating the card. Please click on the Image below to watch the video on my Youtube Channel.

Look at your stamp sets and see what you could do differently for it to fit for a slimline or tall card size. I hope I have inspired you some today. Have a wonderful day and I will see you next time.

I am listing all the products I have used to make this card project below. Some of the products listed below are an affiliate link which means I get paid a small percentage of the sale but with no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for you support.


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