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Gift Box and Tags | Altenew Altered Project Challenge With Video Tutorial

Hello friends, a few days back I had created a bunch of guy cards for the Altenew AECP final challenge, today I am showing you how I created a gift box to add those cards in and also some fun tags using paper clay to decorated them. I don't venture out from the card making word too often, but once in a while when an opportunity arises or a challenge comes my way like this one here I do love it. Because the cards I made were guy cards I wanted to make sure my gift box and tags reflected that without loosing my style. I made all the cards with my husband in mind as he celebrated his birthday a few days back so it was appropriate timing to make him something special. Also I made some more guy cards later on which I thought would be a great gift for a male teacher. The box that says just for you is the one I made for my hubby and the one that says thank you was made for my son's male teacher as a teacher's appreciation gift.

Clay Tags:

Let's start by how I made these tags. I used a very light modeling clay from Staedtler called Fimo Air it is also known as paper clay.

  • Break off a little piece of clay from the pack and knead it well until you can form it into a ball

  • Use a rolling pin or even a round barrel pen would do, roll out the clay ball to a 1/8 thickness.

  • Cut the shaped you would like using a cookie cutter or a die. I used a heart shape, circle and rectangle dies to create different shapes. If you are using a die then lay the die on the rolled out clay and using a exact knife cut around the die. Cookie cutter will definitely be much easy.

  • Add textures on the clay while it is still wet. I impressed the Thank You stamp from Altenew Leaf Canopy stamp set on the heart shaped clay form. You can use any stamps to create the impression or you can even used an embossing plate for adding textures

  • To add colors like you see the damask or the leaf tags on the side of the box you can either add colors to the stamps before adding the impression like I have done on the leaf tag. Or you can rub you ink pad lightly over the impressed surface of the tag, like you see I have done for the damask tag.

  • Set these clay shapes aside to dry for attest a day. Once they are dry you can sand the edges to make them smooth if necessary and punch a hole using a hole puncher.

  • For the gold heart tag, I did a dip technique. Add embossing ink to the bottom half of the tag, don't try to make it a straight line as you want it to look dipped, Add gold embossing powder and heat set it. You can repeat this step a few times if you wish.

I used paper clay because, one it is very light and secondly it has a very organic look to it when it dries. This organic look add to the elegance of these tags.

Moving on to the gift box.You will need two 8 1/2x11 inch cardstock. I Used Kraft card stock for mine.

Box Base:

  • Cut one of the card stock to 8 1/2x9 7/8

  • Score at 1 inch and 2 inches on all the four sides. Crease the scored lines with a bone folder.

  • check the image below which shows you where to cut after scoring. The gray dotted lines represent score lines and the black solid lines represent where you need to cut.

The image on the left shows where you need to score and cut and the image on the right shows the card stock after you have done the previous steps.

  • Flip the scored and cut card stock around and add a strong adhesive to all the flaps see the image to the right.

  • Add Liquid adhesive to all the four tabs as shown in the image on the left. Adding liquid adhesive will give you some wiggle time.

  • Adhere the tabs to the short side of the card stock see image on the right. This will create the walls of the box.

  • Now fold in the flap over the short side sandwiching the tab between them see the image not he left. This will reinforce the wall. Repeat this on both ends of the box.

  • Now fold in the two longer flap on to the long sides see the image on the right. This will reinforce the long side walls of the box.

  • This is the finished box base. See the image on the left

Box lid:

  • Cut the second card stock to 7 1/16 x 8 7/16. Add a tad bit more to both sides while cutting

  • Score at 5/8 of an inch and 1 1/4 inches on all the four sides. Crease the scored lines with a bone folder.

  • Check the image below which shows you where to cut after scoring. The gray dotted lines represent score lines and the black solid lines represent where you need to cut.

Follow the steps to build the lid exactly the same as the base. I have added the images below once again fro reference.

Decorating the box:

  • Cut a wood paper to the size of the box lid.

  • The wood paper I used was a lighter shade and I wanted a darker stain. In order to do that I just rubber the Walnut stain distress ink over the paper.

  • Add the cards and envelops inside the box and shut it with the wood covered lid.

  • Tie a bow using jute thread and add the clay tag that we created earlier.

In the image below swipe to see the two gift boxes I have created.

I have a detailed video showing you how I created the tags and the box. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Hope I have inspired you create a gift for the guys in your life!!! Also don't forget to check out the classes offered by Altenew Academy and their Educators Program called AECP. I promise you there are so many options to choose from and each one of them are amazing. Great teachers and awesome tutorial to follow along and understand.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!!

I am listing all the products I have used below. You can click on any image below to directly go to the corresponding stores for purchasing the product. Some of the products listed below are a compensated affiliate link which means, if you make a purchase I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support.

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May 19, 2020

WOWZERS!!!! this is brilliant!! So rustic and original! I love it!!

Thank you for entering your work to the AECP gallery. Bravo!


Natasha Vacca
May 10, 2020

Wow!!!!! These are AMAZING!!!!! Incredibly beautiful Preeti

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